Best Movies That Take Place in Casinos

If one thing is for certain, it’s the glamour of the casino is difficult to replicate. From the flashing lights, beautiful décor, elegant clothing, and much more, casinos present a unique culture.

Being able to portray the casino culture on the big screen is something that many directors and filmmakers have tried to do in the past. As such there have been many movies that take place almost entirely inside of a casino. Not all of these films have done the casino justice, however.

This article will examine 3 of the best movies that take place entirely inside of a casino. These three movies represent casino culture to a tee. Strap in and let’s begin!

Ocean’s Eleven

When discussing iconic movies about casinos one simply cannot not mention Ocean’s Eleven. It is the quintessential film about a casino heist that has ever been produced. Starring some of Hollywood’s biggest stars including Brad Pitt and George Clooney, the elegance and stardom of casino life is excellently portrayed in this action blockbuster.

From casino games to the dressing style of high-class casino patrons, to the inner workings o the casino itself. This movie truly has it all. Ocean’s Eleven received massive critical acclaim from critics all around the world. The entire ensemble cast also received various nominations for their performances in perhaps the best casino heist movie ever made.

Casino Royale

You can’t make a list of the best casino movies of all time and not include a James Bond movie at some point. Why not simply include the one that has “casino” in the title of the film? Casino Royale introduced Daniel Craig as James Bond to the world and sent shockwaves through the entirety of the film industry.

Not only did Daniel Craig put in what many people consider to be one of the best Bond performances, but the movie portrayed the elegance and class of a high-level casino perfectly. This movie undoubtedly inspired many people to get to their local casino and try making some winnings. The suits, the action, the gambling, Casino Royale creates the perfect image of the allure of the casino.


We’ll end this list with a film that has a cult status in the film industry. Not many people have heard of this casino-based film despite the fact that it stars both Edward Norton and Matt Damon. Two actors that many film buffs would argue are the top of their class for their generation of stars. The movie follows two best friends who make a living by beating the odds at their local casino.

This movie doesn’t exactly take place in one of the luxurious casinos that the other two movies on this list do. Instead, it presents a more grounded and realistic depiction of local gambling. But it does so in a fun and jovial manner that’s sure to get you inspired to play the best online pokies NZ has to offer!