The Top 5 Best National Rugby Teams Worth Betting On

The World Rugby rankings have seen quite a bit of fluctuation in the build up to the 2023 Rugby World Cup. It’s been exciting to watch as new teams take the top spot and firm favorites fight their way to reclaim that top spot.

Of course, international rankings don’t necessarily correlate with the best team for sports betting. This goes for general matches and a tournament like the World Cup. You have to look at current performance in build-up matches, as well as past performances in the actual tournament.

  1. New Zealand

The All Blacks will always be the most solid bet in rugby. They have a winning history and culture that has seen them triumph in tournament after tournament, match after match. They’ve repeatedly held onto the number one spot in World Rugby rankings, and very rarely slip below the number two spot when someone does dethrone them. They’re also the only team to win back-to-back World Cups.

  1. South Africa

The Springboks are another crowd favorite around the world. The South Africans don’t have the most solid of track records when it comes to form – one year they can hold the top spot against all other, and the next year they can slip down to number five or six in the rankings. However, they do have a reputation for fighting hard against all odds, meaning they can give you some great wins if you’re betting on them as the underdog. They’re also the current World Cup champions, making them a strong bet.

  1. Ireland

The Irish have been on the rampage over the last year. They claimed the top spot in the World Rugby rankings in July 2022, when they beat New Zealand in a Test series. Since then, the team hasn’t lost an international match and took top honors in the Six Nations. They’ve never made it to a final in the Rugby World Cup, but 2023 could be their year to take the title home.

  1. France

As the hosts of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, punters are looking at the French as potential winners of the tournament. The home-field advantage has a lot to do with how you play and your mindset in a tournament like this. They’re sitting in the top five of the rankings and have been there for quite some time – so maybe this will be their year for the World Cup. All of this makes them a good choice for placing a bet.

  1. Argentina

The Pumas are another team that has a slightly tumultuous record in terms of consistency in play. When they’re good, they’re excellent – but when they’re not, they can be a pushover on the field. However, they remain in the top 10 of the world rankings and regularly make it to the semi-finals of the World Cup. If you like to go for the underdog when you enjoy rugby league betting, this is a good team to back.

Get Ready for the World Cup

There’s no telling which team will triumph in the World Cup, but there are plenty of great choices for betting on.