The Top 5 Most Popular Sports For Live Betting Online

Betting on the outcome of a sporting event has always been a popular past time. From a friendly bet over a local team to placing official wagers on the biggest international tournaments, it’s all a great way to get involved in the sporting action.

Let’s take a look at the top sports for live betting online in terms of international popularity:

  1. Football/Soccer

We’re talking about the “beautiful game” that’ played on sports fields around the world. Soccer is actually the most played and watched sport on the planet, so it’s no wonder that it has the highest betting rates in regulated markets, and probably in unregulated markets too. There are also so many tournaments and events to choose from. The big ones are, of course, the EUFA Cup, the Champions League and the FIFA World Cup.

  1. Boxing

When boxing bouts started to become a big attraction in places like Las Vegas in the 1960s, suddenly the sports betting world sat up and took notice of the sport in a big way. The simplest way to bet on the sport is picking the winner on a moneyline bet. The sportsbook will assign the odds for the favorite and for the underdog, and you place your bet accordingly. With the addition of live betting you can bet as a match unfolds, and the action heats up.

  1. Horse Racing

A day at the races is definitely synonymous with sports betting. In fact, as long as horse racing has been around, there’s been betting on the race outcomes. It’s also one of the richest sports in the world, meaning you can win some incredibly big prize money on the bigger events. Almost every country has horse racing tracks, and there are bets to be made online 24/7. You’ll find that the biggest market for betting on the races is Japan. The UK, not surprisingly, comes in second and Australia is third.

  1. Golf

Golf has risen dramatically in the last few years as a popular sport for betting on. There is a big tournament on somewhere or just about to tee off around the world almost constantly. The majors – the biggest of the tournaments – last four days, while the slightly smaller events run for three days. This makes live betting a lot of fun because you can bet on the overall winner, the winner for the day and so many other elements as the tournament progresses.

  1. MMA

The world of betting on MMA is actually the fastest growing market right now globally. It’s fairly similar in terms of how you bet to betting on boxing. You can bet on your pick to win, and the sportsbooks will give moneyline odds. You can also bet on how many rounds you think the match will go before someone wins. This is a great one if you know the two fighters and their styles well. Finally, you can bet on how the win will come – knockout, submission, or decision.

Enjoy the World of Live Online Sports Betting

These are the top 5 most popular sports to bet on live in the online betting world. Take your pick.